Meet The Makers

We are incredibly lucky to  work directly with a large number of amazing local producers and to be able to source all of our produce within County.  All of Picnic Cornwall’s producers are from Cornwall, and all are incredibly passionate about their produce and being part of the Cornish food scene!

With this map you can find out more information about our incredible products and their creators.  Please click on a map pinpoint to start your adventure.



Ann’s Pasties

For thirty years Ann’s Pasties on the Lizard has sold delicious homemade Cornish Pasties building a reputation second to none for traditional excellence and quality.

We are proud to be the only Ann’s Pasty retailer in Falmouth. You’ll find Ann’s delicious traditional steak pasties, her cheese pasties and the truly sumptuous Pork and Apricot Sausage rolls all baked daily at Picnic. You can also buy any of Ann’s delicious pastries frozen to take a little bit of the Lizard home with you.



A premium vodka carefully produced from the finest potatoes grown on a family farm in the heart of Cornwall. Distilled in a tiny copper batch still and blended with mineral water lifted form an aquifer deep beneath the farm, to create a smooth and creamy vodka.

Best served neat over cracked ice to savour the cream finish.

Even as a gin drinker, this vodka is truly scrumptious !!


Bad Boy Chilli

Bad Boy Chilli Mash was started in Lostwithiel by Paul Colledge, who had and still has a huge passion for chillies. He started growing from home and now sources from chilli farms all over Cornwall to produce a pure Cornish range.

Once the chillies are preserved you can enjoy using them to spice up any dish, from curries to dips, marinades to stir fries, or if you like it hot, just spread it on your toast!

We stock all five deliciously hot varieties in the Deli and use one of the milder varieties for our in house chilli chocolate brownie.


Buttermilk Confectionery Company

David and Tracy make their award winning fudge along with a team of specially trained fudge makers by hand, using traditional recipes and old fashioned copper pans.


Camel Valley

Camel Valley have been producing award winning, world class wines in a beautiful corner of Cornwall since 1989.

The idyllic setting on a sun drenched slopes near the famous Camel River, excellent grapes that perfectly suit the soil and climate and a respect for traditional vineyard practices combines with a modern approach to wine making make the Camel Valley range truly special.

The Camel Valley Brut or Cornish Champagne as we know it is our firm favourite.


The Chocolarder

The Chocolarder is one of the only small batch bean-to-bar chocolate makers in the country.

They produce fine quality, stone ground chocolate using organic beans imported from single estate, family run plantations in Venezuela, Java, Madagascar, Peru and the Dominican Republic. The select beans used at The Chocolarder are roasted, winnowed and ground over 4 days before being left to mature for 30 days. The chocolate is then hand tempered and made into bars. This obsessive attention to detail yields some of the finest chocolate in production today.

The Picnic favourite is the Cornish Honeycomb !


Cornish Charcuterie

Cornish Charcuterie is based at Norton Barton Farm just outside Bude in North Cornwall and is home to Richard and Fionagh Harding and their four children.

Since they launched Cornish Charcuterie in November 2011 they have won a stream of awards including multiple golds and a Best in Category for Light Eats at the prestigious Taste of the West 2013 Awards.

We love their delicious pates and rillettes which are all available from the Picnic Deli.


Cornish Crown

Cornish Crown is a modest 6 brewers barrel operation established in December 2011. The brewery is owned and run by Josh Dungley.

Josh has a passion for real ale and the focus at Cornish Crown on quality and consistency is self evident in their range of beers.


Cornish Ketchup Company

Two friends with a passion for great food founded the Cornish Ketchup Company to provide us with real ketchup, handmade in Cornwall from 100% natural ingredients.

When Chris and Kris decided to create the Cornish Ketchup Co, they knew they had to make the best ketchup ever! After a lot of research and lots of different recipes they finally created something that made them happy.

Their aim was to make a sauce that sat comfortably alongside delicious food – never to overpower – always to compliment good food and they did just that !


Cornish Patisserie

Cornish Patisserie has been trading for more than 25 years and all of their products are fresh and hand made here in Cornwall by a team of patisserie chefs with the finest ingredients.

Their delicious bakes are delivered to us daily.



Cornish Sea Salt

The chance discovery of an Iron Age salt works, tucked away in a remote cove on the south coast of Cornwall seeded the idea for The Cornish Sea Salt Company more than 10 years ago.

Cornish Sea Salt is now a globally recognised brand stocked by supermarkets and independents alike.

We love the flavoured range of sea salt at Picnic, especially the smoky garlic flavour.


Cornish Seaweed Company

The Cornish Seaweed Company provide sustainably harvested, local, edible seaweed that is good for you and good for the environment.


Da Bara Bakery

Brothers Ben & Tim run the artisan Da Bara Bakery just outside Truro.

Meaning “Good Bread” in Cornish, Da Bara supply us each day with a wonderful array of freshly baked breads and breakfast pastries.


Deli Farm Charcuterie

Deli Farm is mentioned as far back as the Doomsday records, it has had several different spellings and pronunciations but has been spelt so long before “deli” was an abbreviation for a Delicatessen!

It sits on the windswept hills between the rugged north Cornish coast and the much romanticised Bodmin Moor.

Martin & Jean Edwards, the partners of Deli Farm Charcuterie, are making award winning air dried charcuterie including many different flavours of Salami, Coppa, Bresaola, Duck Prosciutto, Wild Venison, Smoked Lamb Prosciutto and Pancetta.


The Dukkah Company

Dukkah is a traditional North African dish packed full of seeds, nuts & spices.

The Duukah Company’s dukkahs are hand blended in small batches right here in Cornwall using specially selected ingredients enabling them to maintain quality, consistency and above all, deliciousness.

We love it with a Da Bara roll and our Simply Cornish cold pressed rape seed oil.


Elemental Gin

Elemental Cornish Gin is a family company based in Cornwall, masterminded by Jon and Jilly with the help of their two eldest children Alice and Jeremy.

The aim with Elemental Cornish Gin was to create an artisan Cornish gin and the name Elemental was chosen because gin production is an ancient process dependent on the alchemical elements of copper and water, both of which are also strong symbols of Cornwall.


Falmouth Honey

Made from native bees working in the fields and hedgerows within a three mile radius of Falmouth Bay we are the exclusive retailer of this delicious honey.

As well as finding the produce on the shelves of our deli, we also use this local honey for our salad dressings and in some of our home made bakes.



Chef Greg Laskey shares the secret of fine dining at home through his Fresshh! range of hand crafted, premium ready meals.

Each dish is put together with the same flair and attention to detail that brought Greg renown as Head Chef at some of Cornwall’s best restaurants. Simple to use and quick to prepare, Fresshh! ready meals are all locally and seasonally sourced.


Furniss Biscuits

Furniss, have been crafting quality biscuits using perfected recipes since 1886. Today, they bake as we have always done: in Cornwall using timely recipes, quality ingredients and with their 60-year-old oven, which gives each biscuit a ‘home-baked’ taste.

Furniss is now the only company in the world licensed to make The Original Cornish Fairing™, which is available from Picnic Cornwall.


Hanson Fine Foods

After 25 years in catering Thomas Hanson started Hanson Fine Foods in 2006, providing an on wheels delicatessen service bringing together some of the fines cheese producers in the county.



Helford Creek

Fruit juices made with traditional methods on an 18th Century farm near Helston.


Hugo’s Breakfast

Hugo’s award winning breakfast cereals are produced for taste right here in Cornwall and just so happen to be good for you as well.

We enjoy a warm bowl of Hugo’s porridge on the winter mornings served with Sisley’s plum jam but we also use Hugo’s gluten free granola in our in house flap jacks.


Origin Coffee Roasters

Finding and roasting the best beans available is of paramount importance to the team at Origin and they go the extra mile to make sure our blends and single estate coffees are among the best you’ve ever tasted.

Each year we visit coffee growing communities to build direct relationships with farms we want to buy from and, just as importantly, to cement existing relationships we have with our trusted growers.

Great tasting coffee and crafting distinctive expresso is at the forefront of what Origin do.

We love to bring their distinctive blends and roasts to you in our coffee shop & deli.


Paws for Cake

Paws for Cake dog treats are proper dog treats, lovingly and freshly handmade iwith the finest locally sourced ingredients, with no added salt, sugar or preservatives.

All pooches are welcome at Picnic.



Polgoon is dedicated to producing artisan Cornish Ciders, wines and juices on it’s farm in Cornwall.


Popti Cornish Bakehouse

Popti produces delicious baked goods from their custom designed recipes using Cornish ingredients.  Their range of artisan biscuit, partner perfectly with our charcuterie and local cheeses.


Raw Chocolate Pie

The business is based in Trencrom, a hamlet just a few miles outside St Ives.

Raw Chocolate cacao beans are known as ‘the food of the Gods’.  They are a true superfood with amazing properties and were much prized by the Aztecs. Associated with happiness, raw chocolate’s unique combination of natural chemicals helps alleviate depression and promotes a sense of well being. It is known as nature’s prozac for its anti-depressant properties. 

Raw chocolate contains anti-oxidants and research shows that they are highly stable and easily available to the human metabolism. Raw chocolate also contains a high level of magnesium which supports the heart, brain and the building of strong bones. It is also an energy boost.

Most of all it’s delicious!!




Rebel Brewery

Rebel Brewing is a multi award winning craft brewery producing a range of high quality real ales, from a range of IPAs to full bodied chocolate brews.

Rebel source incredible ingredients from around the world and then add some Cornish magic to bring about crisp and refined ales ensuring that every drop of Rebel stays true to their Cornish heritage




Roddas have been making Cornish clotted cream since 1890 when Eliza Jane and Thomas Rodda started making cream in their farm house kitchen in Scorrier, near Redruth.

120 years on it is still crafted in exactly the same way, by gently baking rich local cream until it’s ‘thick, unctuous and utterly dollopable’

Obligatory with a cream tea, but also delicious with any of our cakes or slices.


Sharps Brewery

Sharp’s Brewery was founded in 1994 in Rock Cornwall when brewer Bill Sharp set out on a mission to make exceptional quality beer on the North Cornish coast.

With a small micro brewery and an ambition to brew 500 pints per week to pay the mortgage, Sharp’s beer was born.

At Picnic we love their Wolf Rock IPA and the Atlantic Pale Ale.



Simply Oil is the only culinary oil frown and bottled right here in Cornwall. Grown on a family farm, the oil is extracted from the seed using the simple cold pressed method. The fresh golden oil is then filtered and left to settle for at least 7 days before being tasted and bottled.

We use Simply Oil in all of our delicious salad dressings in the store as well as ranging it in our deli.


Sisley’s Cornish Preserves

Hand made Chutneys, Marmalades, Jams and Preserves all using high quality ingredients and fresh Cornish produce wherever possible.

We use Sisley’s preserves throughout our sandwich menu as well as retailing their entire range in our deli.


Southwestern Distillery

Tarquins are an independent, family company handcrafting gin and pastis in tiny batches (the old-fashioned way) by the coast of north Cornwall. Together with a harmonious balance of precision and flair, we are able to produce spirits that are truly exceptional.

Tarquin, the founder, pioneer and head distiller is so proud of what they create that he puts his name on every bottle.


St Kitt’s Herbery

St Kitts Herbery produce a range of deliciously scented, herbal toiletries and chocolate.

Their luxurious products are formulated using the finest ingredients, and are made with the special care, knowledge and attention gained from years of experience.


Stones Bakery

Stones Bakery started life as a stall on local markets.

After a couple of cold winters they took the plunge and opened their shop and bakery on the Old High Street in Falmouth.

All of our scones are hand baked at Stones.


Tregothnan Estate

Inspired by a tradition stretching back generations, Tregothnan began supplying England’s first and only tea in 2005, to create inimitable Britishness.  Home to the Boscawen family, the private estate has persevered in pioneering botanical firsts since 1334.

As well as growing english tea and a vast range of delicious herbal infusions, a diversity of lands also allows Tregothnan to produce sustainable coppiced charcoal, Cornish Manuka and wildflower honeys, and fine and rare Kea plum jam.

At Picnic Cornwall we serve Tregothnan’s loose leaf teas and tisanes.


Treleavens Ice Cream

Based in East Looe, Treleavens have been making award-winning handmade Cornish ice cream and sorbet for over 15 years.

Get their fabulous ice cream at Picnic in a cone or in a delicious milk shake.


Trewithen Dairy

All of our milk and butter starts life as a healthy, happy Cornish cow grazing in a lush green field provided by Bill and Rachel Clarke at Greymare Farm.


Wings of St. Mawes

Wings of St Mawes is a small family run company who care passionately about sustainable sourcing and delivering the very best seafood from Cornwall to the finest restaurants in the UK.

We are lucky enough to source fresh crab from Wings daily for our delicious sandwiches and salads.