Cornish Coppa


Slow dried Cornish pork shoulder, slowly dry cured in a blend of salts and spices

The Coppa joint runs through the shoulder from the base of the neck to the top of the loin. Made from Cornish Pork shoulder, slowly dry cured in a blend of salts and spices, coated in pepper spice mix, and slowly air dried to develop the strong punchy flavour.

Meet the Maker

Deli Farm Charcuterie are one of the UK’s leading producers of British air dried charcuterie; since starting in 2006 they have been consistently winning awards with their artisan air dried Cornish charcuterie products.

Their main ethos is to be as fresh, local and natural as they can reliably and safely be, they do NOT use any artificial colouring, flavourings, emulsifiers or phosphates.

Deli Farm only use prime joints of meat from carefully selected local producers.