Tregothan Peppermint Tea – Loose Leaf Caddy (25g)


Our pure whole leaf Peppermint infusion picked at Tregothnan has a crisp striking aroma to match its distinctive natural taste.

Triple infused for the most amazing flavour and presented in a lovely little silver box, the 10 individually foiled sachets that are sealed for freshness can also be reinfused.

This refreshing and cleansing infusion is our new best friend, with its super menthol powers that aid digestion, prevent nausea, beat stress, tackle headaches, relieve heartburn, soothe muscle aches, and ease asthma. Wow! Clean, clear and naturally caffeine free, enjoy this intensely flavoursome tea as an after-dinner digestif.

About the Producer

Tregothnan puts the English into English tea for the first time in history.

Home to the Boscawen family, the private estate has persevered in pioneering botanical firsts since 1334. Inspired by a tradition stretching back generations, Tregothnan began supplying England’s first and only tea in 2005, creating inimitable Britishness.