Tregothan Classic Tea – 25 tagged tea bags



The most authentic and British breakfast blend ever.

Our unique Classic Tea is a consistent and satisfying blend which boasts quality as well as Britishness. Simply delicious with a bold and full-bodied flavour, this charming tea is presented in a box of 10 individually foil wrapped tea sachets.


Processing: Both coffees in this blend are Washed
Producers: Erwin Mierisch & Fernando Lima
Regions: Jinotega & Palo de Campana
Elevations: 1,275-1,400 & 1,430-1,700 masl
Varietals:  Catuai & Bourbon

About the Producer

Tregothnan puts the English into English tea for the first time in history.

Home to the Boscawen family, the private estate has persevered in pioneering botanical firsts since 1334. Inspired by a tradition stretching back generations, Tregothnan began supplying England’s first and only tea in 2005, creating inimitable Britishness.