The Cornish Cheese Board Hamper


No Christmas would be complete without a delicious Cheese Board.

A selection of three of ourfavourite Cornish Cheeses with
Popti Artisan Savoury Thins and handmade Sisley’s Christmas Chutney with a slate serving board packaged in a lovely wicker hamper


1 x Slate Cheese Board

1 x 100g Popti Artisan Sea Salt Savoury Thins

1 x 100g  Popti Artisan Thyme Savoury Thins

1 x 200g Chatel Cornish Brie

1 x 200g Cornish Nettle Wrapped Yarg

1 x 200g Tintagel Cornish Smoked Cheddar

1 x 315g Sisley’s Handmade Christmas Cornish Chutney

1 x 18″ Wicker Hamper