Tea Lover’s Cornish Hamper


Give the tea lover in your life a special Cornish gift this year.

The tea lover is a proper Cornish brew gift complete with a hand made tea pot and two beakers from the Trecarne Potter and four Tregothnan Estate tea boxes each containing 10 individually foil wrapped sachets for optimal freshness.



1 x Marius Roux Trecarne Potter hand made tea pot

2 x Marius Roux Trecarne Potter hand made tea beakers

1 x Tregothnan Estate Classic Tea 10 sachet box

1 x Tregothnan Estate Peppermint 10 sachet box

x Tregothnan Estate Manuka 10 sachet box

1 x Tregothnan Estate Chamomile 10 sachet box

About the Producers

Tregothnan really puts the English into English tea. Home to the Boscawen family, the private estate has persevered in pioneering botanical firsts since 1334.   Inspired by a tradition stretching back generations, Tregothan began supplying England’s first and only tea in 2005, creating inimitable Britishness.