Organic Sea Spaghetti


One of the most flexible of our sea weed range

You can just eat it raw straight from the bag and it tastes surprisingly like biltong and has that same awesome chewy texture or
if you soak it for about 30 minutes it will swell up to 5 times its size and weight, and turns a deep earthy green. It becomes soft with a slightly crunchy texture. Lovely in salads, or to add to rice dishes after cooking.

You can also boil, steam of fry this extraordinary gift from Cornish sea.


About the Producer

The Cornish Seaweed Company sustainably harvest a variety of Cornish seaweeds using traditional means to be used as a Superfood or artisanal ingredient.

If you enjoy the feel of the sand between your toes, wavelets slapping at your ankles, big deep breaths of the seaside and consider what you nourish your mind and body with to be important, we would like to bet that you’d find seaweed pretty good stuff!