Bad Boy Chilli Mash – Naga


Incredibly tasty, impressively hot – add half a teaspoon to your pot !

Our Jolokia Naga, it is rated 10+ which is equivalent to 855,000-1,100,000 Scoville Units. This is made with 100% Jolokia Naga Chillies only.

Goes well in all dishes, but as it is from India we recommend you use it for cooking Indian cusine.


About the Producer

Bad Boy Chilli Mash was started in Lostwithiel by Paul Colledge who had a passion for chillies and was originally growing chillies at home and where ever he could blag a shelf in someone else’s greenhouse

It wasn’t long before, from his Cornish-grown stock of hot and fiery peppers, he started making chilli mashes for friends and family. Everyone loved it!

The secret to Bad Boy chilli mash is using the freshest chillies, preserving them, then blending just at the right time to keep the lovely flavour of the chillies locked in the mash whilst still retaining the heat.