Join us for a flipping good time!

We are having a flipping good time!

We are delighted to say that we will be celebrating Shrove Tuesday with delicious pancakes from the talented Baker Zen!

We love giving a shop window to local artisan producers and Bakers Zen’s Egg & Dairy Free creations are a firm favourite on our menu!

For Pancake Day we will be serving pancakes with your choice of:

Baker Zen Pancakes at Picnic Cornwall

Smoked Streaky Bacon from The Primrose Herd

Homemade Apple & Cinnamon Compote

Traditional Lemon & Sugar

… and to drink?  ‘The Pancake Grey’ of course!

Tregothnan Estate Early Grey Tea served in cocktail inspired sugar rimmed water glass with a squeeze of lemon.

the Pancake Grey at Picnic Cornwall

Pancakes & The Pancake Grey will be served all this week!